What our students say

Past and present students share their experience at VisionIN.


“In times of crisis, the very first place I would turn to is VisionIn. If there is an IB exam or a zombie apocalypse coming up, head over to VisionIn and all your problems would disappear”

Denise Tsoi (Shatin College)



“VisionIN is a place filled with extremely enthusiastic tutors and they have inspired me to improve and eventually love the subjects that I used to dislike.”

– Joseph Ho (Shatin College)



“Visionin 雖然是一間開了差不多一年的補習社,但它卻不只是一間補習社。它是一個「家」還是一個朋友們聚集在一起的地方。這裏的老師很聰明。整個補習社充滿着笑聲。雖然我在這裏只學習不夠一年,但卻令到我的成績突飛猛進,也令我對其他學科產生興趣。所以我很喜歡這個地方.”

– Ian.L (Tak Sun Secondary School 德信中學)



“Visionin is a nice centre with a great learning environment along with friendly tutors. 10/10. ”

Jason Tsoi (Shatin College 2016)



“The tutors at VisionIN are not only intellectual, bright and helpful but are also incredible friends with a great passion for teaching. At VisionIN, teaching is made enjoyable rather than a burden and personally, I have found it to be incredibly useful. From my time as a student attending classes at VisionIN, I have realized that the community tend to go beyond the expected. Unlike most tutoring groups I have been a part if in the past, there’s a real sense of care and strive for the students attending to ACTUALLY do well and benefit at VisionIN and I think that’s what truly sets it apart. I can honestly say that VisionIN has helped me massively in my studies (particularly math) and is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in terms of getting help in subjects where I needed it.”

– Nusrat Chowdhury (King George V School)



“Visionin isn’t just your ordinary tutor centre, it is a tutor centre which can provide more than just learning. Learning is an important factor however in Visionin, the people you get to know, the people you meet is extraordinary. They care for you, just like your family. The teachers in Visionin don’t just teach their students, they care for their students, and they treat them more than just students. The relationship between the students and teachers are rare in today’s society, the amount of love and affection shown towards each other is unbelievable. Personally i think Visionin is more than just a tutor centre, it’s a place like home.”

Stanley Chan (Shatin College 2017)



“A place where knowledge and learning can be inspired in a brand new way”

– David Leung (Shatin College 2016)



“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. VisionIN is a warmhearted place with people who helps me to regain my confidence, self esteem and thats what makes VisionIN a happier place to go to.”

 Sophia Mie Iimura (Shatin College 2016)



““This tutor centre is great, everyone is friendly there, and all the teachers are very hardworking and extremely keen to help you improve. The teachers even give out extra revision notes which is really useful as it helps me understand the topics learnt even better.”

Ivana Chan (Shatin College 2017)



“Thanks for all the support with all the great tutors in Visionin, there’s no doubt you’ll succeed!”

Marco Suen (Shatin College 2017)



“From the very beginning, Visionin has motivated me to perform to my best of my abilities. The atmosphere here is great, everyone here is friendly. It allows me to build the confidence in order to allow myself to take a step further with my learning. Thank you for the support from all the great tutors in Visionin.”

 Michael Leung (Sha Tin College 2016)