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It is always beneficial to learn a new language, as it develops your mind and increases knowledge. Learning a new language will improve your decision-making skills, brainpower, travel experiences, employability and many more.

Our tutors at VisionIN conduct classes tailored for your needs, whether it is for leisure, school or work. You can kick-start with our Mandarin or Spanish recreational course for beginners.

MANDARIN is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with more than 1 billion speakers. Learning the language will definitely become valuable for you, especially if you are living in Hong Kong, as it will help ready you for future opportunities ahead. Surprisingly, Mandarin has no complicated grammar, unlike English, French or German. Chinese has no verb conjugation or noun declension. An increasing number of students are learning Mandarin each year, if they can learn it, so can you!

SPANISH is rising ahead of any other non-English languages at a rapid pace on an international scale; it has become one of the most popular choices as a second or third language to learn. Learning Spanish will also allow you to have a better understanding of English because much of the English vocabulary originates from Latin. If you learn Spanish, you can also have a head start in learning other Latin-based languages such as French and Italian!

We believe art is not only for leisure; it helps boost your creative minds. It can develop and strengthen one’s decision-making, visual learning, motor skills, cultural awareness and even academic performance. We cannot stress enough how important art is because it relates to everything around us.

ARTS & CRAFTS: Our classes are conducted in a way which encourages our students to experiment, have fun and be creative, allowing their creativity to blossom. Different topics are taught in our classes all the time, allowing students to be exposed to a range of different techniques, mediums and artists, then incorporating what they learn into their own style. There will be a lot of class discussions, as we value the importance of opportunities for our students to describe their works.

We hope our students can tackle problems they may encounter in the future in a creative way!

ART JAM: We also offer Art Jamming sessions! This art jam is not limited to age, anyone can join! Put on an apron, unleash your creativity and start painting! Come in with your friends and family to enjoy the pleasure of painting.

Need help with or out of inspiration? Don’t worry! Our art tutor will be available for on-hand advice and ideas!

Our recreational Mathematics courses do not require an advanced prior knowledge. It will involve Mathematic puzzles, problem-solving and games. Through our interactive classes, students can be more interested in Mathematics.

Topics in our Science recreational courses will be related to our daily lives. There will be a range of hands-on experiments, videos, drawings and diagrams. Students will learn and discover Science in remarkable ways!

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