Our Vision

“Learning is the eye of the mind”

We specialize in IB, A-Levels, IGCSE and GCSE. We believe creativity and interaction between students creates an exceptional educational experience in an English environment.

With a group of highly enthusiastic teachers aiming to create a fun and enjoyable educational experience, VisionIN is an Education Centre focusing on interaction and creativity. We encourage our students here at VisionIN to speak up and ask questions! Our small group classes have no more than 5 students, and we allow an appropriate amount of time for interaction between students and tutors, with occasional class discussions and debates. The aim is to create a productive and enjoyable learning environment for our students. We also ensure that each student spends enough quality time with our tutors. Here at VisionIN, our first priority is the students. Our tutors are patient and supportive, always making sure that the students understand the topics taught. We hope that through communication, students gain more confidence and experience in managing problems they may encounter in the future.

What we do

We at VisionIN offer tutoring and recreational classes for all ages. Whether it is for you or your children, we offer a variety of courses suitable for everyone’s needs. Our classes train student’s problem solving abilities as well as their innovative thinking skills so they can tackle any number of difficulties. Improving student’s grades is a just a part of our philosophy. We want to make it fun for everyone involved also!

Why we do it

We believe effective teaching is not achieved by just spoon-feeding facts and figures to students. Hong Kong is a highly competitive city in many areas including children’s development and academia. It is becoming increasingly difficult to balance work and leisure and is more and more stressful for adults and children. All our teachers and staff at VisionIN want our students to enjoy our courses to make them want, and not force them to learn, by creating a relaxing and effective studying environment!